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Monday, February 25, 2008

Drupal 5.0 Themes at a Glance

Pardon my hiatus, but I've been preoccupied. A few months ago I was fortunate enough to meet a couple of local software developers who, like me, were looking for an office space where we could get some work done outside of our homes. Jason Smith and Kelly Albrecht proved to be not only joys to work with, but smart as whips as well. I'm very pleased that our shared office has grown into a business partnership called Studio4 Technologies with headquarters at 592 Main St. in Amherst. We specialize in Enterprise Software Development and Web Content Management, and invite you to contact us at info@studio4tech.com or (413) 259-6317 if we might be able to serve you.

Drupal content management system
Kelly is our content management expert, and his CMS of choice is Drupal. When we are hired for a new web job, we will often point the client to one of the online repositories of free Drupal templates, such as themegarden.org. Theme Garden lists an abundance of attractive themes, but we have found that navigating the site and examining themes can be a bit cumbersome and confusing to web novices. So I have compiled the table1 below which contains the 172 Drupal 5.0 themes currently available (on 2/25/08). I hope that the comprehensive one-page directory and the snapshots2 that display when you mouse over the links, will save theme shoppers time.

Drupal 5.0 themes available from themegarden.org

1 Thanks to MLAWire where a solution was posted for avoiding unsightly line breaks when adding tables to Blogger posts.

2 Snap Shots are generated by snap.com, and may not appear correctly until snap.com has completed the image capture process. Clicking on the link will force the image to be captured.

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Jeff Lee said...

In case you find browsing the pop-up screenshots a bit much, I've created a more static gallery of Drupal 5.0 themes. See http://pioneervalleysoftware.com/drupal50themes/